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Cheshire Martial Arts Centre

The Club at Cheshire Martial Arts Centre has established itself as one of the Countries best venues to practice this exciting style of Shukokai Shitoryu Karate and the club is a member of the SSKA.

Our Chief Instructor Paul Graham (8th Dan), has built a reputation for producing top class students, some of who have competed at National, European and World level.

Students may follow either or both of two different programmes. The traditional syllabus comprising of gradings with coloured belts to monitor progress from beginner through to the coveted Black Belt or the Sport Karate programme  which caters for those that wish to compete in tournaments and competitions.

We also place great emphasis on fitness training and conditioning and many students come along just to keep fit under the expert guidance of our coaches.

For those with a busy lifestyle Private and Small Group tuition is available every day.

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