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2017 is another successful year for the SSKA England Squad

UWK Selection Success for SSKA Squad

SSKA Squad members from the age of 13 have been selected to represent a unified England Squad in Italy in December 2017.  The second time this type of event has happened in karate history and yet again the SSKA squad have maximised their representation across the countries selectetion pool.  We wish al the competitors the best of luck as they embark on their build up to the big event. 

CMAC -Jess Bate, Rebecca Cameron, Ben Hutson-Redfern, Rio Johnson, Darron McQuillan.

Kyojin-James Cape, Max Lord, Cameron Lord.

Official John Cameron, Head Coach, Paul Graham.

Fantastic SSKA Squad Achievements for 2016

Celebrations were had by the SSKA England Squad at the last Squad training session of the year.  This years achievements in local, National and International competitions have been immense.  The consistent standard by the squad members, week in week out as they travel far and wide to compete has been fantastic.  Well done everyone you have done yourselves, your families and your coaches very proud.

A big thanks for the patients, skill and dedication of our coaching team (Head Coach) Paul Graham, Ian Spence and Rebecca Spence.

World Championship Squad head to Dublin

Photo shows our S.S.K.A. England squad members who are to compete at the 6th WUKF World Karate Championships to be held in Dublin, Ireland - 15th-19th June 2016.  We wish them every success.

Left to right

Back row... Martin Mckeever, Ben Hutson-Redfern, John Cameron..

Centre Row... Paul Graham- SSKA England Coach, Rebecca Fisher, Lucy Clarke, Rebecca Cameron, Jessica Bate, Darron Mcquillan,

Front row... Lilly Mangan, Bethany Daley, Joel Eccleston, Rio Johnson, Ben Booth, Jake Daley

9th Dan Honours


2016 has turned out to be a landmark year for shihan Ken Gee, the Chief instructor of the Harrogate and Otley karate centres. Not only does it mark the milestone of his fifty years of participation at all levels in the martial art of karate-do, it also marks the ninth year since he was awarded his present rank of hachidan, 8th degree black belt.

Therefore, in accordance with the stringent timescale rules of black belt progression in this country, shihan Gee was recently promoted by his parent body, the Shukokai/Shito-ryu karate Alliance of Gt. Britain and Australia, to the distinguished rank of kudan, 9th degree black belt.

Back Lt to Rt - Cameron Lord - Paul Graham - James Cape - John Cameron, Morgan Hughes -Jack Cooper - Emily Waring
Front row Lt to Rt-Becky Fisher - Rebecca Cameron - Jess Bate

2015 UWK World Championship 

Our SSKA members who recently took part in the inaugural United World Karate Championships

held in Slovenia.
They performed brilliantly as members of the all styles U.W.K-England squad with a great number of them coming home with world medals.
Many congratulations to the instructors of their clubs, Kyojin, CMAC, Woolston, Skipton and 

Koshido-Ryu, for preparing such a talented bunch of competitors and of course many thanks to SSKA squad coach sensei Paul Graham for his many months of work both before and during the championships. On the refereeing side well done also to our senior WUKF international official Jo' Fisher.

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